Getting Organized for 2012: The Hobby Room

Getting Organized for 2012: The Hobby Room


Helpful Suggestions for Home Office Organization

In light of the New Year, we're doing a series here on the blog offering helpful organizing tips for those of you with the resolution of getting organized in 2012. Today's post will focus on the hobby room, a space that has the potential to get very cluttered depending on your hobbies. Here are a few tips from Artisan Custom Closets on organizing the hobby room:

Image: Artisan Custom Closets
  • Have a panel installed on the wall with functional ledges for hooks and bins.
  • Bring stylish containers into the hobby room where you can stash your craft supplies.
  • A versatile desk can offer not only a convenient workspace, but also handy storage areas.
Artisan Custom Closets offers integrated storage systems for your hobby and craft rooms in Atlanta. Contact us today to find out more. Interested in all of our home organization and storage tips? Be sure to follow our blog to have our posts delivered right to you!


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