Getting Organized for 2012: The Pantry

Getting Organized for 2012: The Pantry


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a pantry with lots of space
Image: Artisan Custom Closets
In light of the New Year, we're doing a series here on the blog offering helpful organizing tips for those of you with the resolution of getting organized in 2012.
Today's post will focus on pantries. Have you noticed that nonperishables tend to get shoved toward the back of your pantry and forgotten? Or do you find yourself not knowing exactly where to put away your groceries after shopping? Here are a few pantry organizing tips:
  • Determine certain places on the shelves or in drawers where specific items will go. Put similar products together, like all the pasta boxes, canned goods and so on.
  • Have pullout racks and drawers installed. We offer a pullout wine and spice rack as one of our pantry accessories, for example.
  • Your needs often differ from other people's. Get custom pantry shelving designed by professionals for your kitchen or pantry space.
Artisan Custom Closets offers custom pantry shelving in Atlanta.


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