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Go European


Built-In Storage: How it Benefits Your Life

Spacious open-plan kitchen with a bar counter, modern modular st

Thinking of adding a European twist to your new home renovation plan? There are a lot of reasons why this is a great idea. Incorporating European-inspired decor into your home adds a contemporary theme and sleek finishes. French lighting, Swedish rugs, and Tuscan loveseats are just a few of the ways to achieve a classic, modernized ambience. One of the things we tend to emphasize in our home renovations, however, is the cabinets. Cabinets are not only the objects that take up a majority of the space in our kitchens, but they also allow us to organize and declutter our lives throughout the entire home. Cabinets can be installed in the garage, laundry room, office and bathroom to further benefit the dwellers of a home. Paying extra attention to these storage spaces will give your home a clean look and a clean area. European cabinet designs tend to leave out some of the major features of American cabinets such as frames and rails. Without frames, the cabinets have a smooth and understated appearance which add to their modern effect. Leaving out rails and stiles, which also play into the framework, allows for easier accessibility and less obstacles. This structure is the latest trend in cabinetry. Another fad in interior design is going green. This can be achieved in your European cabinets by using custom, recycled wood fibers. This is a great way to do your part in being conscious about the health of both the Earth and you and your family members. Using high-quality, recycled wood reduces toxins like formaldehyde in the home and improves the overall air quality. Going European is a popular craze in the construction and renovation of homes and is continuing to grow. Organization, style and safety are the utmost important elements to achieve in your home. Look into getting started today!


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