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A Good vs. Great Custom Closet Company

The internet is the place to find answers on just about anything. And typing in "custom closet Atlanta" delivers over three million search results. So, how do you find the best closet solution? In this article, we highlight a few examples that will help narrow the search.

Choosing the right custom closet company can be an intimidating task. For example, there are over thirty custom storage companies in the Atlanta metro area alone. Some of these companies are locally owned, and others are national franchise stores. However, many closet companies outsource their woodworking and/or installers to third-party contractors. We suggest narrowing your search to companies that can control the entire process, from the first consultation to the final finishing nail.

Getting to Know Closet and Storage Certifications

Fully integrated custom storage companies likely have some employees that hold a storage designer certification. The Association of Closet & Storage Professionals (ACSP) certification is the gold standard for custom closet and storage designers. And there are three levels of certifications that can be obtained from this organization. For your convenience, we will explain the differences between Registered Storage DesignerSM, Certified Storage DesignerSM and Master Storage Designer.SM

Registered Storage DesignerSM: (1)
  • One year of full-time experience or two years of part-time experience in the storage industry.
  • Fifteen points must be obtained from the following areas:
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Recommendations
  • Design challenges
  • Basic examination

Certified Storage DesignerSM: (1)
  • Level two designation requires a current certification as a Registered Storage DesignerSM
  • A minimum of three years of full-time closet/storage design experience, or seven years of part-time closet/storage design experience
  • Submission of a portfolio containing at least three projects demonstrating successful completion of advanced design challenges
  • A passing score on the qualification exam

Master Storage DesignerSM: (1)
  • Completion of the first two levels of certification, Registered and Certified Storage DesignerSM.
  • Ten or more years in the storage industry, including seven years specifically in closet/storage design experience.
  • Submission of a portfolio containing at least ten projects demonstrating design including:
  • Scale drawings
  • 3-D views
  • Photographs of each design project

"It is extremely time consuming to put together. I think my submission was two hundred and fifty pages, which is why most people don't take the time to do it. Not only do I want to be able to say I'm certified by the Association for our industry, it lends credibility to a designer when they wear the certification title on their badge." -- Lisa Carlquist, Owner of Artisan Custom Closets

Why Choosing Experience is the Right Decision

You should narrow the search results by asking the following questions:

  • Are they locally owned?
  • Do they control closet production in-house?
  • Are they contracting with 3rd party installation staff?
  • Will you be working with a company that has ACSP Certified storage designers?

Artisan Custom Closets has over fifteen designers, some of who are already certified by the ACSP, and all others are working towards obtaining their certifications. All of them were hired and trained by Lisa Carlquist, President of Artisan Custom Closets. Yet, she is unique when compared to almost all other storage designers. Lisa is one of only five people in the country that has achieved the Master Storage DesignerSM certification with over twenty years of experience. As a result, her company remains one of the most qualified custom storage companies in the Southeast.

Please learn more about Artisan Custom Closets and review our closet design process to see how we will make the most of your space.

(1) Per ACSP certification information listed.


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