Have a Classy Home? Consider a Fitting Home Office Design

Have a Classy Home? Consider a Fitting Home Office Design


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You spend the time to decorate your home with class, so it makes sense that your home office should have the same appealing look. These classy home office design ideas will allow you to create a space in which you feel pampered, but also productive.

  • Opt for a very clean, pristine layout with white walls and furniture with clean, crisp edges. Building shelving and cubbies into your walls helps accentuate this look, freeing up more floor space.
  • If you like a more old-fashioned, traditional look, maximize your use of wood. Choose a shiny, finished wooden desk, and build a floor-to-ceiling wood storage unit to house your books, paperwork, and other necessities. Wooden crown molding and a hardwood floor complete the look. Use soft colors, like beige or cream, on the walls.
  • For a modern, yet classy, look choose a black and white color scheme. Storage cubes with pull-out baskets are trendy and let your incorporate both colors. Pick a black desk with a white padded office chair, and paint the walls white to make the space feel open.
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