Helpful Suggestions for Home Office Organization

Helpful Suggestions for Home Office Organization


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Are you hoping to get your home office more organized? If so, here are some great, helpful suggestions for home office organization that we found from Simplified Bee:
  1. Cut down on clutter. Begin by taking all of the clutter off the workspace and depositing it in one of four containers: the trash can, the recycling bin, the box heading to the second hand store, or the keeper box (to be sorted later). Remove that visual clutter from your office, stop moving it around, and enjoy the simplicity!
  2. Get to filing. Reorganize your filing system in a very simple way. Think about how you would look for that item, and file it in a system that is logical for you. Don't try to create a perfect system, just create one that works. Remember that you do not have to keep all documents forever. Records that should be kept permanently include home ownership records, tax records, IRS contributions, retirement and savings plan summaries, and large value item receipts.
  3. Focus on the top of the desk. Your first step is to clear your desk off completely. If you have space to place frequently used items out-of-sight, but in reach, do that. Otherwise, put items that you use daily back on the desk with a framed picture, for example. Come up with a new place to put away the rest of the items. It might take a little time to complete everything, but it will be worth it! Artisan Custom Closets is available to assist you with fully customized closets and shelving systems for any area of your home or office in need of organization. Call 888-436-2019, or visit the Artisan Custom Closets website for home office organization help. Artisan Custom Closets offers custom office storage in the Atlanta area.


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