Home Organizaton: Finally Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter

Home Organizaton: Finally Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter


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Here at Artisan Custom Closets, we have some good home organization tips for letting go of sentimental clutter, items that have meaning from the past but are now just filling your living space.

Nostalgia is important in our lives, but we can't keep everything. We suggest letting much of it go; however, you can have it forever if you simply snap some photographs of it all. Keep a journal to jot down your memories, then give the bulk to charity, recycle it, or just toss it. Keep only the most important things in plastic or acid-free storage containers and scrapbooks.

If the items in question are connected to someone who has passed away, it's good policy to wait at least six months before starting the process. To help avoid overwhelming emotions, work in short intervals and enlist some help from a family member or friend.

Digitize those volumes of old photographs by sending them to an organizer like GoPhoto. Label the containers of the things you do keep, and keep them somewhere dry and safe.

We have tons of home organization tips to beautify your home and make it easier to store everything in an elegant manner. Contact Artisan Custom Closets for more information.


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