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How Do You Layout a Master Closet?


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A well-designed and organized master closet adds value to your home. It's also a reflection of your style and organization. In other words, your master closet should be a sanctuary where you can easily find what you need and start your day on the right foot.

Whether working with a small closet or a spacious walk-in, a suitable layout can make all the difference. But where do you start? This article will share expert tips for designing the perfect master closet to suit your unique needs. Let's get started.

1. Assess What You Have and What You Need

This means evaluating the items in your closet and determining what's essential for your daily use and what can be removed. As a result, you'll create a functional and beautiful space.

Next, consider the amount of storage space you need. This includes a hanging area for clothes, shelving, drawers, and other storage solutions. The goal is to have enough room to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories organized without overcrowding the closet.

2. Consider The Layout of Your Current Closet

Is it a small closet design with little room or a spacious walk-in? In both cases, the layout will be different. For instance, in a small closet, it's essential to maximize vertical space and utilize every inch to its fullest potential. This can be achieved using shelving, hanging rods, and custom-designed storage solutions.

On the other hand, a walk-in closet provides more room to work with, and the possibilities are almost endless. Walk-in closet designs for a master bedroom can include separate sections for shoes, clothing, and accessories and additional features such as a dressing area, built-in seating, and even a vanity. The key is making the most of the available space while keeping your specific needs and preferences in mind.

3. Lighting

When designing a master closet, lighting is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. After all, a well-lit closet not only makes it easy to see and access your clothes but also sets the ambiance and mood of the area.

First, consider the natural light that enters your closet. Position your wardrobe near a window to take advantage of natural light. Not only will this save on energy costs, but it will also create a brighter, more inviting space. If natural light is not an option, install high-quality, energy-efficient light fixtures that provide ample illumination.

Next, think about the type of lighting you want to use. Task lighting, such as recessed or under-cabinet lighting, is ideal for illuminating specific areas, such as hanging clothes or shoe shelves. Ambient lightings, such as pendant lights or wall sconces, can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. And finally, consider adding accent lighting, such as LED strip lights, to highlight specific areas or add more color to the space.

4. Add A Touch of Personal Style

Even if it's a closet redesign, adding a touch of personal style can make all the difference. If you think about it, a closet isn't just a storage space but also a reflection of your personality and values.

Are you drawn to clean, modern lines or prefer a more traditional, ornate look? The design of your closet should reflect your style and complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Next, consider the color scheme. Neutral colors, such as white or beige, are classic choices that will never go out of style. But, if you want to feature a bright touch to your closet, consider using a bold accent color on the walls.

Similarly, personalize your closet with decor items such as photos and artwork, or put a vase with flowers. These objects add warmth to the space. Additionally, you can choose tailor-made storage solutions that reflect your unique needs and preferences. For example, consider installing a custom shoe rack if you have an extensive shoe collection. Or, if you have a lot of bags, a purse organizer is a great option.

You Deserve a Master Closet That Works For You

Your master closet should be a reflection of your unique style and organization. You can create a functional and stylish space by following the tips and guidelines outlined in this article.

Whether it's a closet redesign or walk in closet designs for a master bedroom, we've got you covered. At Artisan Custom Closets, we understand that every individual is different, so we offer custom layouts tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Contact us today, and let's bring your unique vision to life!


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