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How long will it take to install my custom closet?


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Embarking on the journey to create your dream custom closet is an exciting step towards organization and maximizing the potential of your space. A personalized closet solution not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the value of your home. However, one question that often arises is the anticipated duration of the installation process. Understanding the time frame is crucial in managing expectations and ensuring a smooth transition. In this article, we will explore various factors that contribute to the installation timeline of a custom closet, Walk-in Closet System allowing you to plan ahead and eagerly anticipate the completion of your tailored storage solution.

How Long Will My Custom Closet Installation Take?

The short answer is it depends on the project. Perhaps unsurprisingly, smaller and less complicated installations will be faster, while larger and more complicated installations will take more time. At Artisan Custom Closets, we average three weeks, but some complicated installations may take eight weeks.

Why Does It Take So Long?

You could probably find faster closet installers, but if the quality of the build and the ultimate value of your home are factors, faster is not always better. Hasty installation may be cheaper and faster in the short run, but invariably it involves cutting corners, like working too quickly and overlooking details.

Reputable custom storage companies have a multi-step process that takes a little time. But investing that time ensures a product that will be useful and enjoyable for years to come.

What Are the Steps in The Process?

Here are the typical steps in a custom closet installation process.

  1. Consultation: Learning your needs

The first stage of the process is about discovering your unique needs. What are your hopes and dreams for the space? What are the dimensions? What would a successful storage solution look like for you? An expert custom closet consultant like Andrea Lively should actively listen to you and try to discover how best to deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations.

  1. Design: A custom solution

Having carefully listened to your needs, it is now the custom closet consultant's turn: using industry-standard tools, they will work to design a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations. The consultant will help you visualize your solution with detailed drawings and take you through decisions about things like colors, hardware, and wood or material type. This is often when pricing will be presented as well.

  1. Manufacturing: Creating your solution

Now that your solution has been designed and the contract has been signed, it is time to build. This means measuring, cutting, and preparing materials for your exact specifications so that everything is ready for installation.

  1. (Optional) Preparation: Getting your space ready.

Now the planning is done, and it's time to prepare your space for your new custom storage. Many installers offer services to demolish and dispose of shelving or storage already in place, and some offer services to patch and repaint your space, making it clean, attractive, and ready for your new solution.

  1. Installation: Fitting your solution to your space

The most exciting phase—closet installation—is usually the fastest, often taking only a day to complete. This is when expert installers fill your space with your custom storage solution, transforming it from drab to fab! You get to finally see your hard work realized, and most find that the wait is worth it.

I need this done now! Can we speed things up?

Maybe. The important thing to remember is that a good custom storage solutions partner is invested in your ultimate success—your happiness with the space and the ultimate value it provides—so they may ask you to slow down when your impulse is to speed up. Remember, this is an investment.

A good partner is also a good problem-solver, so most custom storage solutions companies will try to work with your timeline as much as possible. The best thing to do is reach out and start a conversation. Why not contact one of our expert consultants at Artisan Custom Closets today and get that conversation going? We can design a satisfying closet solution that fits your needs within your budget and timeline.


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