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How to Control Kid's Clutter


Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Kids. They're kind of all over the place and into everything. And they love to leave a trail of painful-to-step-on toys wherever they go. Plus, as they get older, they tend to treat the entire house like their bedroom, with shoes, jackets, power cords, and empty plates scattered over every surface like a giant collage of messiness. But believe it or not, there are ways to manage the mayhem and get back some sense of control. Here are four tips for retaking the castle.

Have a place for everything.

It's hard enough getting kids to put things away. It's practically impossible if they don't know where to put them. So, make storage spaces for everything your kids use regularly. For toys that get played with a lot, consider bins you can pull out for easy take-out and put-away. When your kids develop specific interests, you may consider a creating a special place for those items, depending on what they're into. If they love art projects, create a space devoted to art materials. If they're into gaming, you may need storage just for gaming systems and accessories.

Create storage designed for kids, not adults.

Kids are small. At first. So, you'll want to create a storage solution that's easy to reach when they're little but can also grow with them. You'll also want to create spaces that work specifically for their stuff. Because their stuff is different. That means creating the right storage for the right type of item, like specialty drawers for toy sets with multiple small pieces. And you may consider labeling each storage space to make it even easier for them to find. In her blog, The Intentional Mom, Jennifer, a blogger with 9 kids, recommends labeling with either words or pictures, depending on how old your kids are.

Zone your garage.

Your garageholds a lot of different items, so we recommend dividing it into zones, like tools, garden supplies, paints & crafts then kids' outside toys. That way, when your children are looking for a scooter or skateboard, they won't accidentally knock over a paint can or touch a sharp-edged tool.

Keeping your kids clutter under control makes life less stressful for you and for them. For professional help that can help you manage every area of your home, Artisan Custom Closets has the answer.


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