How to Decorate Your Artisan Custom Closet Doors

How to Decorate Your Artisan Custom Closet Doors


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Closet doors present the perfect opportunity for a little personalization. Here are some ideas to help you decorate them in fun and interesting ways.

  • Cover your closet doors in wallpaper. This adds some color to your space, and is the perfect choice if you're trying to create a homey, cozy look.
  • If your closet doors have inlays, try paining the inlays one color and the rest of the doors a second color. This creates a bold, artistic look and lets you work some solid colors into your design.
  • Try painting all or part of your doors with chalkboard paint. This way, you can leave messages or drawings for family members. This idea is perfect for kids' rooms, too!
  • Mirrors added to the front of closet doors allow you to see yourself as you get ready for the day. They also make a space feel more open.
  • Try adding some unique, customized knobs to your closet doors. You can even mismatch the knobs for a funky, playful look.
For more information on how to decorate your custom closet doors, contact Artisan Custom Closets. We specialize in creating closets that meet your specific needs.


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