How to Design the Perfect Broom Closet in Your Atlanta Home

How to Design the Perfect Broom Closet in Your Atlanta Home


How to Turn that Extra Small Bedroom into a Walk-in Closet

Is your broom closet nothing more than an empty box stuffed to the gills with cleaning supplies, buckets, odds, and ends? Learn how to design a broom closet that really works for you.
design a broom closet
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  • A wall-mounted holder gives you a place to stow your broom, so it does not flop all over and get your other items dirty.
  • Shelves, built right into the wall, give you space to keep your cleaning products organized, so they don't get dumped on the floor or hidden under other items.
  • If you have space, a divider placed down the middle of the broom closet can make its function easier to manage. You can keep a vacuum on one side, and other cleaning products on the other.
  • Racks mounted to the closet door are the perfect spot for those little things like sponges, scrubbies, and vacuum attachments.
  • Consider making a lower shelf high enough that you can slide in a little garbage can to wrappers and other junk that otherwise tend to collect in cabinets.
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