How to Organize Spring Clothing in Your Custom Closet

How to Organize Spring Clothing in Your Custom Closet


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How to Organize Spring Clothing in Your Custom Closet
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

The weather is warming up, and it's time to put away the wool socks and pull out your shorts and sundresses. This means that now is the perfect time to clean out the clutter and get your closets organized. To that end, custom closet organization in Marietta should include the following tips for you to follow.

Start by going through your closet and pulling out the clothes that you hardly ever wear. This could be up to 80% of the clothes you own. Once you've pulled these clothes aside, pull out the items that are horribly out of fashion, faded, torn, ripped, etc. These clothes can be donated or discarded, depending on their condition. If the clothes are in good condition and you simply don't wear them, you might also want to consider selling them at an online closet market like Poshmark or donate them. Next, put your cold weather clothing together and find a space where you can compress it within space bags and store it away. This will free up plenty of space and ensure that your winter coat doesn't hide your summer blouse on the rack. Finally, build outfits. You can place slacks, shirts, ties, and belts onto the same hanger. This will make getting ready in the morning a breeze, and it will also help you rotate the clothes that you wear. The result is that your clothes will last longer, and you'll always look your best because you've planned in advance. When it comes to custom closet organization in Marietta, no one does it better than the team at Artisan Custom Closets. We invite you to contact us when you're ready to discover the creative and crafty solutions we offer to help keep you and your family organized.


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