How To Organize Without A Closet

How To Organize Without A Closet


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Not every house comes with enough closets. Some rooms have no closets at all. In such cases, knowing how to organize without a closet can become a valuable skill. Let's explore the most efficient tips to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories in perfect order.

How To Organize Without A Closet

Declutter Your Belongings

When there is no closet space available, an important first step is to reduce the number of items you are working with. This may sound daunting initially, but it is beneficial in the long run. You can wave goodbye to a good chunk of clutter - and the frustration of dealing with heaps of clothing. Additionally, when you reduce your wardrobe to a smaller collection, it not only makes organizing easier and faster, but you can also expect to save time and expenses when it comes to laundry.

Use a Garment Rack

A freestanding garment rack is an excellent solution to the dilemma of how to organize clothes with no closet. These racks are very mobile, so you can wheel them around to find the best place. If you need to pack up and go, most garment racks can also be dismantled for easy transportation.

These racks allow you to see what clothing you have available at a glance. You can also easily organize your work clothes, gym outfits, and casual wear into different sections for faster access.

Consider Accessory Bins

So, you've purchased a garment rack but still don't know where to store the shoes, ties, socks, and jewelry. Try investing in accessory bins with compartments in order to keep your accessories neat and organized. Such bins can be stacked on each other and relegated to a corner of the room.

If you plan on stacking your bins, opting for boxes with drawers might be a good idea. These allow you to conveniently open a drawer and get what you need without unstacking the boxes. If you don't mind hauling them up and down, containers with lids are acceptable whenever you look for something.

Floating Shelves Are Versatile

Floating shelves can also be a perfect solution for providing extra storage without a closet. These versatile shelves can be placed as high as you want them, and they can also be used to utilize unused corners, freeing up a ton of space. Floating shelves store shoes, accessories, plants, books, and folded clothing.

The Forgotten Space Under Your Bed

Depending on what type of bed you have, you can also find a ton of unused space ready and waiting to be used. Even better, it's out of sight and out of the way. The best option to utilize this area is to buy boxes or drawers that can slide in and out without too much hassle. You can store whatever you need under your bed, but popular options include shoes, accessories, linen, mementos, bedding, and seasonal clothing.

Convert Your Spare Room Into A Closet

If you own your home, consider turning one of the rooms into a beautiful walk-in closet. Add horizontal rods to hang clothes and install drawers for jewelry, ties, socks, and other accessories that need compartments. Add shelves for your handbag collection, shoes, and storage baskets. You can even add custom features for your husband or partner.

Use a Leaning Ladder

Thanks to its slim design and multiple rungs, a leaning ladder is a great way to hang your clothing, scarves, and handbags. To "install" a leaning ladder, you simply position it against any wall at an angle.

Back-of-the-Door Storage

The doors in your home might not immediately seem like an obvious storage option. However, you can turn them into a practical hat stand or clothes rack. Simply add a few strategic hooks and hang your items.

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