How to Tidy Up Your Craft Room

How to Tidy Up Your Craft Room


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Tools and supplies have a way of taking over a craft room - and beyond! Repurposing available closet space and tweaking the rest of the room are "crafty" design moves that more Atlanta-area homeowners are exploring.

Contain the Chaos

Even a former tiny linen or clothes closet can be made more efficient with just a few changes. These craft-friendly modifications are often surprisingly simple and affordable.
  • Add or improve lighting to easily find things in the closet's out-of-the-way areas.
  • Replace hinged doors with festive curtains or sliding doors. Mount the curtain or sliding panel above your new Atlanta custom closet, to allow access to every inch of the space.
  • Install corner shelves to make use of the furthest reaches of the closet, especially for smaller items.
  • Use specialty closet accessories for everything from hanging systems for ribbons and wrapping paper, to pull-out wire bins, rolling carts and extra shelving.

Choose the Right Work Surface

Investing in a desk or table geared to your specific endeavor makes your crafting more productive, and gains you storage space that's perfect for your tools and supplies. Many craft stores sell desks and other work surfaces fitted out with ingenious extras geared to your specific craft, whether it's clear flip-out storage bins, flat file drawers, or a pull-out sewing machine shelves.

Pin 'Em Up

You already know how much clutter fabric swatches, sketches, scrapbook paper and yarn skeins can generate. Yet sweeping them into a desk drawer defeats the purpose of having them around for inspiration. Take advantage of the space above your craft desk -- as well as other unused wall space -- by hanging cork boards and fabric boards. You'll not only be creating more work surface, but adding color and excitement to the room itself. Need more inspiration and the latest in artisan closets in Atlanta? We're here to help you configure the craft room of your dreams!


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