It's Easy to Organize a Craft Room

It's Easy to Organize a Craft Room


Making the Master Closet Magnificent

craft room
Photo: Johnny Valiant

The joy of crafting scrapbooks, homemade gifts, and other treasures is often dampened by the knowledge that you will have to find the materials and put them away afterwards. Not to worry! Organizing your craft room can be easy, affordable, and actually kinda fun. Just follow these simple steps!

  • Designate a storage area. Keep all of your items together in a drawer system or a shelving system with bins. Here at Artisan Custom Closets, we craft many built-ins out of wood. But wire shelves work well, and you can even use a portable container from Rubbermaid or another manufacturer.
  • Organize by hobby. For example, icon Martha Stewart made a sewing area, shown in the image below.
  • Consider portable pieces. Built-ins can be accompanied by mobile storage units, such as the Crate and Barrel pieces below.
craft room
Image via Martha Stewart. Photo: Simon Upton
mobile storage
Image and design via Crate and Barrel
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