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Let Your Home Organize You


Stars Have Custom Closets –You Can Too!

Let Your Home Organize You!

Whether you live in the heart of Atlanta or the outskirts of Nashville, we all know those people whose home is always spotless. And yet when you stop by, they always say "Oh, excuse the mess."You're looking around, thinking 'What mess? You could eat off this floor'. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're not one of those people. But that's okay. Most people aren't.

Somehow the organizer gene didn't go to you. You got the 'last minute clean up before the babysitter gets here' gene. Or the 'how did I lose so many left socks' gene. So, how do you stay more organized on an everyday basis? How do you get to the point where you don't have to frantically pick up before the bug guy arrives? Do you need a housekeeping service that picks up after you? Do you need to be hypnotized into being organized?

The easiest solution is all around you. Your own home. Because, with custom closet systems, your home can literally help you stay organized. In fact, these design solutions can even be customized to work with the way your mind works, the way you do chores and projects, the way your family lives and the specific items in your home. So, let's take your home, space by space, and explore the many ways it can help you go from chaos to calm.


Closets are your daily transition areas. They're where you start your day, end your day and transition from workout to work, inside to outer wear. Your master closet is the command center of home life and has the most potential to help you get it all together. And with a custom closet solution, you also get a Design Consultant to make it work best for you. Those shoes spilling out onto the floor or dropping out of hanging organizers? Now neatly organized and out of sight. Endless minutes spent searching through hangers to find an outfit? Now you find it in seconds. You can organize by how often you wear items, by work or casual, by season, you name it. All segmented and neatly tucked away. Instead of the usual mad scramble, just imagine a morning with everything already in its place. That kind of confidence can really impact the rest of your day.


The kitchen is probably the second most important room to organize in your house. Not only do you prepare and enjoy most of your meals there, but it's the one place where guests always seem to want to gather. And you do not want guests to see your mess. So, why not organize your cans, jars, spices, small appliances and gadgets in a pantry that works with the way you cook. Imagine not having to search for that spice you hardly ever use or that gadget that does exactly what the recipe calls for. You can integrate handy baskets for small item storage, vertical slots to help keep trays and platters organized, sturdy shelves for mixers and blenders and special racks to store tablecloths so they are always unwrinkled and ready to use. You can even get custom cabinets designed to give you more room for food prep. So, the next time guests pop in, nothing sticks out.

Laundry Room

Laundry. It's always where you don't want it to be. It piles up. It takes too long to do. So why don't you let your home provide ways to make the process more efficient and less visible? Organize your laundry tools and liquids behind cabinet doors so they're easy to find and out of sight. Select from a variety of shelves, bins, hooks, rods and hangers to keep everything in its place through every stage. You can even add a custom flip ironing board or stain removal station to keep those processes away from the rest of your home, as well.

Home Office

Having a designated home office has a lot of advantages. For one thing, it can help you separate work life from home life in your home and in your mind. Instead of searching every room for that laptop charger or the printer replacement ink, you simply walk in and everything is exactly where you want it. You can even have the room customized to the way you like to reach for things. Left-handed? No problem. Outlet on the correct side of your computer's power connection? Done. Your Design Consultant can solve those common little challenges that drive you crazy throughout the workday.

Craft Rooms

Craft projects tend to take over kitchens and dining rooms, with supplies spread out in various nooks throughout the house. Creating a custom craft room keeps everything organized and easy to reach when inspiration, or free time, hits you. No matter how many types of crafts supplies you have, from big to tiny, flat to tubular, solid to liquid, you can keep them all under control in one place, thanks to the perfect combination of cubbies, drawers, bins and shelving. Even in a small room, a wall system can store a ton of supplies without a ton of space.

Mud Rooms

Along with keeping your household items under control, you also need to keep the outdoors from becoming the indoors. Kids bring in leaves, straw, dirt, mud, outside toys, you name it. Plus, winter coats, scarves and caps have a way of spreading out all over the house. To keep the house free of all that, consider a mud room with room for coats, shoes, toys and sports equipment. It gives your family a transition space between in and out that leaves the rest of the house out of the mix.


A messy garage makes it hard to walk through from the car, adds frustration when looking for something you need and can actually be dangerous for your family. Why not let your garage become an organizational mecca instead of a holding area for displaced items and projects?

Custom garage cabinets and storage systems make it easy to locate any tool as soon as you need them. You can organize items by zone so that the kids play items are separated from the sharp saws and power tools. With storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, bike racks, pegboards, and more, everything in the garage finds the right place and the easiest way to access it.

As you can see, your home can do a lot to keep you organized. Especially when your custom closet design comes with a Design Consultant to make it all work for the way you live. Set up a free consultation with Artisan Custom Closets today.


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