Make Laundry Day Easy with These Helpful Features

Make Laundry Day Easy with These Helpful Features


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Make Laundry Day Easy with These Helpful Features
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

In a world where everyone is busy filling obligations, laundry can easily pile up. When you're facing increasing hordes, custom laundry room storage can present a great way to utilize features that can make laundry day easier.

If you have a roomier laundry room, think of adding a drying rack. Drying racks serve many purposes in the winter, from lessening your heating bill to reducing the amount of static cling in your clothes. Also, there are many cute wood and metal options. For homes with a smaller laundry room, consider adding a built-in ironing board if ironing is a necessity. Look at your space and decide if a recessed or wall-mounted option is right for you. Finally, an excellent way to make laundry day easier is to label your hampers. This is a terrific project that can get the whole family involved in the laundry process. Print out some fun labels categorized by lights, whites, darks, and/or delicates. Place them on the front of the hamper, and watch your laundry go down significantly. Artisan Custom Closets happily serves Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, providing custom laundry room storage solutions. Are you ready to add a helpful laundry room option to your custom closet? If so, contact us.


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