Make the Coat Closet More Functional with Custom Shelves

Make the Coat Closet More Functional with Custom Shelves


Why a Little Clutter's Okay in Your Home Office

Artisan Custom Closets
Photo Source: Artisan Custom Closets
Coat closets don't get a lot of attention when they're being designed. As a result, they often become disorganized and cluttered spaces that are usually jammed with a hodgepodge of items.
However, with a little planning, it is easy to create custom closets in Metro Atlanta that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Here are some tips that will get your closet in top condition to show off to the neighbors and make your life a little easier:
  • Instead of using one shelf and a hanging bar in your closet, break your closet up into multiple storage spaces with customized solutions.
  • Install hooks, labels, and bins, and add lower shelves and additional rods into the space. This will split the closet up and make it easier to find the things you are looking for when you need them.
  • Use space-saving hangers, shelf dividers, and other accessories that are custom fit for your space and the items you plan to store in your closet.
For help selecting custom closets in Metro Atlanta that are ideally suited for your home, contact us and we will be more than happy to offer you the services of our talented design team.


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