Making the Master Closet Magnificent

Making the Master Closet Magnificent


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The master closet is a space that often shines in the home for various reasons. Typically larger than the rest of the closets in the home, the master closet has grown more stylish and functional over time. If you are planning a custom closet system in your Atlanta home, you are in luck. We have stumbled upon a few features that will make your master closet out of this world. Have a look:

  • Space for laundry: Having an area set aside that is specifically for laundry needs in the closet is an excellent way to create organization as well as style in the master closet. When planning the master closet, consider including a space for a built-in hamper as well as an island where you can place and fold clothing items.
  • Special lighting fixture: Instead of having basic lighting in the master closet, consider something a bit more glamorous. A beautiful chandelier or pendant light fixture is a great way to add a touch of class and sparkle in the master closet.
  • Add an accent chair: Placing a chair in the closet may not have come to mind when planning the design for your custom closet. However, a beautiful accent chair in the closet will make the space feel more like an upscale dressing room. It will also give you a place to sit down and put on shoes or place items you do not wish to wear at the moment.
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