Meet Artisan's Space Planning Experts: Madeleine Polan

Meet Artisan's Space Planning Experts: Madeleine Polan


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Artisan Custom Closets would like to introduce you to our dedicated space planning experts through several questions about their favorite part of the design process and the experiences that led them to Artisan. In this series, you'll get to know the designers that guide you through our four-step process and make your closet dreams come true.

Name: Madeleine Polan

Title: Design/Sales Senior Project Manager

Education: Degree in Interior Design from Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, IL Degree in Primary Education from National Teachers College in Evanston, IL ASID Associate Member

Favorite Design Magazine: Architectural Digest and Veranda

Where are you originally from? Chicago, IL

What attracted you to interior design/space planning? I wanted to be an architect but loved space planning and thought I would start there.

What is your role/specialty with Artisan Custom Closets? As a Senior Design/Sale Staff Project Manager, I am able to meet with clients, discuss their vision, wants, and needs for maximizing storage in their closet, pantry, office, or garage, and to divide up space correctly so the client receives the exact amount of hanging and storage required for a well-stored, functional space.

Walk us through your resume. Tell us about the most important experiences. My education has enabled me to serve in all phases of interior design. I have served on several HOA Boards in Atlanta and Chicago and am familiar with the HOA processes. I have had many jobs throughout all subdivisions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, helping me become more familiar with building preferences, permits, and the aesthetics of homes. I have also served on Vickery Lake's Architectural Review Committee for several years. I believe my background, education, and working experience will be an asset to our community and enforce the vision we have for the Vickery Lake Subdivision. My goal as a board member is to represent the homeowners in a manner that protects their investment, enhances their quality of life, and provides a safe and secure environment.

What is your favorite part of the design or closet-making process? I love the challenge of helping clients organize their spaces to help customize their space so it allows them to easily deal with their busy schedules and have fun living without the worry of unorganized space within their living structures.

What's the most memorable or your favorite closet design? I designed the closets for one of our basketball players who stands almost 7-feet tall; his suit jackets were just about my height. His master closet proved to be a very intense design process to make sure everything fit in the space exactly as he needed it with the correct depth for shoes, folded items, and the exact height for his clothes. He was very easy to work with and appreciated the time spent to customize the plans to accommodate his height.

Do you have a mantra or a motto that sums up your beliefs and ideals when it comes to interior design and/or storage? It is easier to enjoy life when everything is organized and in its proper place; your free time is spent having fun and living life to the fullest.


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