Meet our Team: Brian Nadeau, Senior Installer

Meet our Team: Brian Nadeau, Senior Installer


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Getting to Know Brian

All the way from Maine, Brian was born to work with his hands. Brian's mom worked in a textile mill and his father in construction, so it's in his blood! Growing up Brian developed the nickname, Hey, Hey. Living near a tool rental place, he would spend most days there asking lots of questions starting with, "Hey, what is that? Hence, the nickname Hey Hey!

Young Brian dreamed of being a firefighter in the town he grew up in, but he also wanted to be a carpenter. Although his path would take him towards carpentry, Brian did get into firefighting as a volunteer in a neighboring town. To this day, Brian is still a certified firefighter in the state of Maine, as well as Georgia, where he currently resides with his wife and 17-year old daughter. Brian also has a 22-year old son.

Career Moves

To further his career, Brian made the move to Georgia in 1997 to continue a career in custom new home construction. Brian found an ad in a newspaper for custom closet installer position. He tried setting up an interview numerous times, but the business owner was hesitant. Since Brian wasn't as tall as the owner's other installers, he thought it a would be a challenge for Brian working on a ladder every day. Luckily, the owner finally gave Brian a chance which would eventually lead to his current job at Artisan Custom Closets.

Brian has been working at Artisan for 11 years. He met Lisa Carlquist, president and owner of Artisan, when he moved to Georgia, but they worked for different company. When Lisa started her new locally owned custom closet business, she hired Brian. "I wasn't sure this would be my profession at first but the more I began to learn the trade, the more I knew this is exactly where I needed to be. It's not just a job to me, this is my career and I couldn't imagine doing anything else." says Brian.

"Over the years we began doing more and more than just a basic shelf and rod closet. We are doing so many different spaces: garages, closets, laundry rooms, office spaces, pantries, etc., it makes the job feel new every day. I can see the complete project. I've learned more skills with this job than I did when I was building houses."

Ask and You Shall Receive

Q: If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?
A: Good question: I would ask, 'Am I being the best person I can be? Christian, father, friend & coworker?'

Q: What are you surprisingly good at?
A: I guess I am a pretty good carpenter. Most people know me as a closet installer as that is basically all I have done for many years, but prior to this, most of my summers were spent working on a construction site.

Q: What are you most passionate about?
A: Church, family and my job

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Woodworking, projects with his family and watching Boston sports and Alabama Crimson Tide games.

Q: What are some things most people may not know about you?
A: I have never taken a sick day off at any job & I used to be a certified EMT & paramedic.

Q: Do you have a feel-good story you would like to share about working for Lisa at Artisan?
A: One thing I will always remember was when we had "Snowmaggedon" a few years ago. Lisa told us to leave the job site we were working immediately and get back to shop before it really got crazy. The fact that she was concerned about our safety didn't surprise me at all. What I will never forget and respect her for is she stayed at the shop and waited until everybody that could get back did. A few of us had to shelter at the shop for the night but we were safe and warm.


Brian is a vital part in Artisan Custom Closets' ongoing success, so if you've got a closet project, turn to expert installers like Brian at Artisan Custom Closets.


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