Mudroom and Clean Shelving Techniques

Mudroom and Clean Shelving Techniques


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Hats, backpacks, coats, umbrellas, shoes, and pet gear. There are a lot of things that go on the shelves of your mudroom, and the task of organizing them and keeping it clean can get away from you quickly. Fortunately, we have a few tips to utilize every square inch and help you with the shelving:

  • Establish a Mudroom Zone - Even homes that have grand entries can sometime lack sufficient back or front door space to store away your daily necessities. You can install a bench with a slim drawer under it to store the seasonal items. With no room for shelving individual shoes, all your footgear remains bunched together. So make sure that you place them in a tray to ensure that loose dirt and excess moisture is caught and contained.
  • Store Outdoor Items in Baskets - It is sensible to have some items close at hand for all the coming and going from the house. You can have a shelf above your coat storage in the mudroom with space for items like bandages, sunscreen and umbrellas. While shelving them, make sure that the space is clean, and keep similar items together in labeled boxes or bins.
  • Tuck Your Shoes Away - Although it is advisable to have all your mudroom essentials together, it's just not feasible to do so all the time. Carve out crannies and nooks anywhere you can. You can also install sliding shelves and/or drawers in your mudroom to give you a more streamlined access to things. Choose easy-to-clean, heavy-duty surfaces that rely on texture and color to mask messy areas and daily dirt.
  • Extra Storage Space for Essentials - Some mudrooms are big enough to store more than just shoes and coats. If you have extra space, you can use it for shelving cleaning supplies, thermoses and much more. For peculiarly shaped or small items that do not stay grouped easily, use baskets to order them together.

Establishing a solid storage and shelving corridor in your mudroom area will greatly benefit your life. You'll have leeway to create new habits amongst family members to ensure your house stays clean and your belongings stay organized.


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