New Trends: Design a Boutique-Style Custom Closet

New Trends: Design a Boutique-Style Custom Closet


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New Trends: Design a Boutique-Style Custom Closet
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

If you are planning on revamping the closet in your master bedroom, you might be looking for different custom closet styles in Pensacola that will fit your needs and personal sense of style.

One particular closet style that has become popular is the boutique closet. In most cases, a boutique closet is designed to resemble a boutique store, with separate spaces for different wardrobe items and unique features like climate-controlled fur storage cabinets, floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves, accessory racks, and other additions. Some boutique closets also include vanity tables and hidden jewelry safes. You can create a completely custom boutique closet in your home without needing any significant structural remodeling. Closets can be designed to make use of existing space, or you can expand your closet space by taking away from the square footage in adjoining rooms. For a boutique closet with little renovation to the surrounding space, you can add a variety of clothing racks, hanging rails, shelves, cupboards, and other closet additions. This will give you plenty of space for all of your clothing and accessories and enable you to keep them stored and sorted in an orderly fashion without having to pile things on top of each other or cram them into any space you can find. If you would like to get some ideas about custom closet styles in Pensacola or talk to our design team, contact us today and let us solve your closet design and clothing storage needs.


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