No Wire Hangers: The Best Products for Your Custom Closet

No Wire Hangers: The Best Products for Your Custom Closet


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Complement your custom closets with quality hangers. Your quest to better organization and clothing storage doesn't end with custom closets. Wire hangers, which we often get for free, aren't good for your home or closet. Using quality hangers can extend your wardrobe life. Here are a few types of hangers to invest in:
  • If you struggle with moths, moisture or other problems, cedar hangers are a natural repellent and perfect for hanging coats and suits.
  • Padded hangers are ideal for knits, costumes and other delicately crafted items that need special care.
  • Transfer your dry-cleaned clothing to a clamped hanger to prevent wrinkles and preserve the natural crease.
Does the idea of throwing away your old wire hangers make you cringe? Don't fret, as these are just a few of the ways to use your old wire hangers:
  • Save a trip to the home store and use the wire hanger as a stake to support your plants.
  • Craft your wire hanger into a paper towel holder following these simple steps.
  • Roast s'mores or hot dogs with your old hangers during your next summer barbecue.
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