Organize with Built-In Storage for Your Laundry Room

Organize with Built-In Storage for Your Laundry Room


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Organize with Built-In Storage for Your Laundry Room
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

The laundry room is one of the most overlooked rooms in the house. It is a workroom and a utility room, and as such, it is often the last place people think to decorate and bring organization to.

Here are some creative and attractive solutions for laundry room storage in Sandestin that will make your laundry room the most efficiently organized in the neighborhood.

  • Splurge on Some Attractive Cabinetry. Whether you prefer oak or teak, pine or walnut, don't underestimate the importance of having stylish cabinets in your laundry room. They will give the space a touch of class and warmth that will make tidying up your laundry a little more enjoyable.
  • Install Built-In Features. Be sure to include built-in features such as shelving, countertops, and folding ironing boards. These will give you the workspace you need and will make keeping things organized a little easier.
  • Bask in the Baskets. Baskets can be used for storing those little items that often get lost behind washing machines and dryers. They provide an easy place to store cleaning rags, dryer sheets, and small spray bottles. Plus, they can be used to tote cleaning supplies around the house with ease.
  • Contain the Clutter. If you install an armoire, you can use it to store everything from mops and brooms to laundry detergent and dirty clothes hampers. Not only will this provide you a centralized and highly versatile storage option, but you can also close the door and keep your clutter out of sight and off your mind.
When you are ready to clean up the act in your laundry room, contact Artisan Custom Closets. We will be happy to help you design the most efficient laundry room storage in Sandestin, Gulf Shores, Niceville, and Seaside.


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