Organizing Your Pantry Is Easier Than You Think

Organizing Your Pantry Is Easier Than You Think


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Century House Pantry before it's removal.
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Do you have enough space to store items in your pantry? Space used wisely is the key to an organized pantry.
Organization in every facet of our lives can be the most important key in keeping us healthy, happy, and sane. The more organization you're able to achieve, the less stress you'll feel, making your outlook rosier. Everyone has something in their home they feel could be a little more tidy. While closets are often the big culprit and are usually in need of a little more organization, pantries are not far behind. What are some ways you can get a hold of that disorganized pantry? Monica Friel, from Chaos To Order has a few ideas from which you can straighten out that pantry. One important key is space: having more shelf space at various depths, is essential to maintaining a tidy pantry:
Consider varying shelf depths to accommodate small, medium and large items. Boxes of macaroni and cans of soup are small and you want them quickly and easily accessible. You also want to be able to see how many you have so you know whether or not to buy more.
If you have platters or other long items you're storing in the pantry, then deeper shelves allow you to keep them neatly tucked away. As with your closets, space is essential to keeping your sanity when storing items in the pantry


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