Pantry Organization for Easy Thanksgiving Prep

Pantry Organization for Easy Thanksgiving Prep


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Pantry Organization for Easy Thanksgiving Prep
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Artisan Custom Closets is proud to now offer custom storage in Crestview, Miramar, Navarre, and across the entire Emerald Coast. With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, you are probably preparing your Panhandle home for visitors.

One huge responsibility that comes with having Thanksgiving guests is preparing a big meal. Simple pantry organization can make your Thanksgiving meal prep easier this year. The first step in any organization project is to empty everything. This means take everything from your shelves so you start with a blank slate. While emptying, pay attention to expiration dates on products and toss expired items. Also, you can take the emptying opportunity to group your items based on type. The second step in organizing your pantry is to think freshness. Remember those products you threw away, and think about steps you could have taken to keep them fresh longer. Things like cereal and baking supplies could benefit from being transferred into clear canisters with tight lids. This allows them to stay fresh longer and for you to actually see the product. You might also want to consider purchasing bleachers for your canned goods. This allows your items to be lifted up so you can take a quicker assessment of what you actually have in your pantry. For items such as beans and rice, consider storing these in a tray. Secure any unused portions with a paper clip, clothespin, or chip clip, and put it in the tray. The tray can hold multiple unused bags, and it is easy to slide back and forth on shelves. Our newest location offers custom storage in Crestview, Alys Beach, Gulf Breeze, and all across the Panhandle. Our team of design consultants, installation professionals, and engineering staff is ready to help with all of your pantry organization needs. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today or call 877-566-7773.


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