Pantry Shelving & Storage Techniques

Pantry Shelving & Storage Techniques


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There is nothing more frustrating than spending several minutes trying to find a specific item when cooking or packing lunches. Use the following pantry shelving and storage techniques to create an organizational system that makes life easier for you.
  1. Create Zones: The first thing you want to do is come up with different groups, such as a weekly menu, canned goods, boxed goods, quick snacks and baking ingredients. The next step is to divide these groups into different zones using baskets, bins, and labels. Now that you have created different zones, it is best to stick with this method whenever you are restocking the pantry.
  2. See-Through Containers: Glass jars are perfect for storing dried food such as pasta, lasagna noodles, rice and beans. Clear plastic containers work for cereal, pretzels and candy. Use clear canisters to keep baking essentials such as flour and sugar fresh. Clear bins or wire baskets can be used to store individually wrapped snacks. You can print out your own labels, purchase stick-on labels or use containers with chalkboard labels. Store the containers together or in their designated zones.
  3. Spin It Around: Use a lazy Susan to store items such as your canned or boxed goods, oatmeal, peanut butter and syrup. When you need to access an item, all you have to do is give the lazy Susan a small spin. You may want to stick with a one or two tier lazy Susan for the pantry, or you may wind up with items falling all over the shelves.
  4. Use The Door: Using the door is not a shelving technique for the pantry, but it does create additional storage space for smaller items. Attach a clear hanging organizer inside the pantry door with self-adhesive hooks. Use the hanging organizer to store items such as spices, packaged seasonings and snacks. It gives you more space to store items on the shelves. When you start practicing different pantry shelving and storage techniques, you are creating an organizational system that works for your kitchen. Watch how easy it will be to find different items and keep track of your inventory once you organize the pantry.


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