Perfect Your Pantry Organization

Perfect Your Pantry Organization


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The pantry is a part of the kitchen that can sometimes become cluttered for a wide variety of reasons. When your pantry starts to become unorganized, you may find that you are losing track of the items you have, which can lead to you throwing them out before they had a chance to be used. Take a look at a few tips for organizing the pantry:

  • Create two piles: Open up your pantry and take a look at the items you have. It is a good idea to start the organization process by creating two piles; one for items to keep and one for items to toss. Be sure to check expiration dates so that you can discard of items that are not good anymore and make room for new items.
  • Place newer items in the back and older items in the front: Make sure you are not throwing away money by categorizing your pantry in a way that puts new items in the back and old items in the front. This will ensure you use a product up before you go out and buy a new one. Also be sure to keep a pen and notepad in the pantry so that you can jot down items that need replenishing.
  • Organize for you: One of the most important factors of organizing the pantry is organizing for you. It is best to organize in a way that makes the most sense to you so that the organization will remain and with minimal effort. Be sure you are creating categories that work best for you and your family.
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