Pick the Perfect Island Storage for Your Custom Closet

Pick the Perfect Island Storage for Your Custom Closet


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\Pick the Perfect Island Storage for Your Custom Closet
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

A walk-in closet can provide you with an unparalleled amount of space and storage. An island can help make the most of your space and organize your clothes.

When you choose our custom storage systems in Miramar, you are guaranteed that the space will be fully utilized, meeting all of your clothing requirements. However, regardless of what island storage you decide to use, there are some crucial things to consider:

  • Before you even start to look at different designs, you need to determine whether you have room in your closet for an island unit. Remember that you need room for the unit itself and enough space to walk around and open any doors. The island should be at least five feet from walls with clothing and three feet from other obstacles.
  • Once you have completed your measurements, you will know how much space you have left for your unit. Experts suggest that as it is a standalone piece of furniture, it should be at least two feet deep to stop it from tipping over.
  • Next, you need to consider your island's purpose and function. While adding the unit for aesthetic purposes lets you pick out the design, color, and materials, functionality needs to be considered as well. If you want to store folded items, drawers are your best option while angled shelving is suitable for storing shoes. An island with a mix of several concepts can be used as general storage.
For more information and advice on the perfect custom storage systems in Miramar, Pensacola, Niceville and around the Emerald Coast, contact Artisan Custom Closets today.


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