Pick the Perfect New Garage Doors with Our Experts

Pick the Perfect New Garage Doors with Our Experts


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Since garage doors are so large, they play a large role in determining the overall look of your home. Make sure you choose one that adds to your home's curb appeal. These tips will teach you how to choose new garage doors:

  • Before you hire someone to replace your doors, check to see if a permit is required in your area. A garage door is sometimes considered an exterior wall, so some regions require permits.
  • Wood is a good material for natural homes, and it is very durable.
  • If you're looking for a more affordable option, steel is lower in price than wood, but it should not be used in coastal areas because of its tendency to rust.
  • Fiberglass doors can be beautiful, but make sure you choose one that's made for your specific climate, so it does not crack.
  • Consider glass panels in your garage door to add a modern element.
  • Roll-up garage doors are not your only choice. Sliding and swing-out doors are gaining popularity and can add interest to your home.

If you've already replaced your door and are ready to reorganize your garage space, Artisan Custom Closets is here to assist you. Our expert team is ready to help you transform your garage into a well-organized and efficient area with our top-notch garage storage system, maximizing every inch of space.

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