Plan a Space for Spring Crafts in Your Atlanta Home

Plan a Space for Spring Crafts in Your Atlanta Home


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Plan a Space for Spring Crafts in Your Atlanta Home
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

Spring is a great time to get creative and add some color to your home. But crafts, like most things, require time and space, and finding the right storage solutions in Atlanta for completing and storing your crafts is essential.

When creating your craft space, you need room to work, and you need to be able to keep track of the work you have in progress. An excellent way to do this is to include a design wall. A design wall can be made from a fiberboard, covered in a neutral-colored felt. If you need a display that can be stored away, add the board to the back of a door, or create one that can be folded away. When planning your crafting space, take lighting into account. Working in the dark is bad for your eyes and can change how you view your project. Natural light is always best, but once it gets dark, you will need a separate light source. Track lighting is ideal as it can be moved to suit your differing needs and frees up table space. Crafting takes time, and you will want to be comfortable while you are working. You need a table or work space and a comfortable chair that are at the right height to take pressure off of your back and shoulders. Inspiration is important when creating new projects. Adding shelves where you can display items that inspire you can help with this process while glass-fronted cabinets, glass jars, and even clear plastic crates can help you keep everything you have available organized, making your stored items within easy reach and easy to find. Small jars can be stored on the shelving above your inspiration space. For more information on storage solutions for your craft space, contact us today.


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