Practical Laundry Room Setups

Practical Laundry Room Setups


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The first step in getting your laundry room totally organized is to evaluate your options for practical laundry room floor plan setups. This helpful article advises the following steps for setting up an efficient, neat and organized laundry room: Think through how you and your family use the laundry room, and take note of the individual functions that are performed in the laundry room. Typically, the functions can be incorporated into three zones in your laundry room, including a dirty clothes area, a clean clothes area and a work area. Receptacles for dirty clothes, a sorting table and hanging area, and a work space are the primary storage, cabinetry or desk surfaces needed to furnish these spaces. Once you get a sense of the room layout, contact Artisan Custom Closets to determine exactly what custom cabinets, shelves and containers will help you accomplish a practical laundry room setup. Artisan Custom Closets offers custom laundry room organization solutions for every laundry room need.


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