Real Simple's Pantry Organization Tips

Real Simple's Pantry Organization Tips


Up the Ante in Your Hobby Room

Image: Artisan Custom Closets

Organizing your pantry may not be at the top of your to do list, but do reconsider. A recent article in Real Simple magazine had some great ideas to end clutter and save you money. By organizing your pantry shelves, you can keep better track of use of pantry supplies and avoid duplicate purchases of products purchased infrequently. Keeping spices on specialized spice rack shelves can keep you on top of what is needed, what needs to be replaced and how much you have on hand. Storage of dry goods in resealable plastic containers can keep cereal, pasta and rice dry, fresh and free of pests. Simple labels on these containers can identify contents and note the last purchase.

Artisan Custom Closets offers custom pantry shelving in Atlanta. Finally organize canned goods, dry goods and jarred food. Custom pantry shelving helps get your pantry in order for maximum storage and less food waste.


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