Reorganize to get more "everything" done!

Reorganize to get more "everything" done!


Advantages of a Custom Closet over DIY

New Year's Resolution - Re-organize To Get More 'Everything' Done

We all have things we promise ourselves we'll do in the New Year. Exercise more, start a new hobby, get that half-finished project done. Yet we often have the same resolutions year after year. Why? Because it's hard to change our daily routines and patterns to allow for something new. But what if changing something else could make it easier to change ourselves? Like our home? Here's four areas of the house that we can re-organize to inspire real change in our lives.

The Kitchen - Diet Central

Changing your diet is one of the top New Year's resolutions. It's also one of the hardest to actually do. Part of the problem with dieting is the extra hassle that comes with the preparation and organization of unfamiliar ingredients. You can make diet meals easier to prepare by reorganizing your fridge and renovating your kitchen pantry. By putting all your special ingredients at eye level and within easy reach, you'll actually increase the motivation to use them.

The Master Closet - Prioritize the Day

Your master closet can be more than just a large holding space. With a storage solution that's customized to the way you live, you can create ways to organize clothes for different purposes. You can also lay out the day's wardrobe more easily the night before. That way, when you're ready to wake up and attack that messy project, work out or whatever it is you have planned, your clothes are ready to go. And if you're considering procrastinating, one look at your ready-to-go ensemble and you're back on it.

The Garage - Gear Up for the New Year

Most projects and activities involve tools, crafts and athletic gear. So, having everything in your garage organized into sections saves a ton of time, confusion and running to the DIY store for things you actually have but can't find. This year, spend more time doing and less time searching.

Kids Closet - Pick Up Projects, Not Toys

If you're a parent of young children, your free time is precious. During school time, naptime and bedtime, you need to make the most of every second. So, the less time you spend cleaning up and putting away their clutter, the better. A customized kid's closet makes it easier for you, and them, to find it and put it away.

New customized storage solutions can set the stage for successful new habits. This year, let the motivation to get more done come from own home. For custom closets and other storage solutions, just contact the experts at Artisan Custom Closets.


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