Resolve to Get Organized with Artisan Custom Closets

Resolve to Get Organized with Artisan Custom Closets


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Resolve to Get Organized with Artisan Custom Closets
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

As 2014 draws to a close, it will be time to make resolutions for the upcoming year. One common resolution is to get organized. Artisan Custom Closets provides custom closets in the Florida Panhandle that will keep your organized for years to come.

Let's face it, a messy closet is a sure path to a day filled with chaos. The path to better closet organization begins with emptying your closet. Once you have laid eyes on everything that is in there, it will be easier to find a place for everything. Next, take a look at the empty space to figure out how to best utilize it. The back of a door can be a great place for over-the-door hangers. You should also consider using high top shelves, which you can access with a step stool. Lighting is another consideration during this process because excellent lighting is key to both finding what you need and keeping it organized. Finally, after performing the above steps, you need to focus on grouping. Group clothing into categories such as pants, shirts, and dresses. Go further by creating sub-groups by color. Hang your clothing on good quality hangers that can serve as space savers and for further color coding. Artisan Custom Closets uses a four-step process for your organization remodel. First, we perform a free design consultation to figure out your exact design needs. Next, we present you a 3-D layout of our vision for your closet design. After we iron out the details, your personal design consultant will follow through with everything discussed in the layout. Finally, after manufacturing your closet at our Dallas, Georgia facility, we will install the closet in your home. For more information about our custom closets in the Florida Panhandle, contact us.


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