Savvy Shopping In Your Closet, For Your Closet

Savvy Shopping In Your Closet, For Your Closet


Artisan Custom Closets And The NARI

a large closet with lots of space for clothes and bags
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Create a multi-functional closet in your home with a company that offers you the flexibility to do so. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shop for all of your home storage and organizational needs in one place? That's what Artisan Custom Closets is about, and that's what Organize-It is all about as well. Organize-It, a closet company based in Illinois, wanted to branch out from selling their materials at a physical location, and began selling items online:
According to Michael Korenchuk, sales manager, the company was started in 1997. Owner and General Manager Chris Nylen, at the time, was a marketing representative in the banking industry but he was also looking at new ventures beyond his corporate life; he became acquainted with Schulte storage products on a business trip and decided to start a business selling those products.
The idea has helped the company showcase more of their items--products many customers wouldn't see unless they lived in the vicinity of the showroom location. Companies such as this and Artisan Custom Closets offer you the ablility to see your closet bulit before it's actually built. You can get an idea of what direction you'd like take in regards to your closet's construction.


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