See How Artisan Makes a Design That Fits Your Personal Needs

See How Artisan Makes a Design That Fits Your Personal Needs


Store Winter Clothes to Make Room for Your Spring Wardrobe

See How Artisan Makes a Design That Fits Your Personal Needs
Source: Artisan Custom Closets

It is amazing how a custom closet design in Atlanta can change your life. Suddenly, you have a spot to store all of your clothing, accessories, and shoes.

You no longer find items scattered all over your closet floor. Best of all, it is so easy and effortless to work with Artisan Custom Closets to create a personalized design. The first step is a free design consultation in your home. During this consultation, a design expert will see your space and listen to what it is you need and want in a custom closet. We'll take inventory your clothes, shoes, scarves, and other accessories to help determine your needs. Our staff will also measure your space in order to maximize its greatest potential. The second step is to view customized C.A.D. designs that will reveal your dream closet. These designs are 3D, easy to read, and fun to look at. Other possibilities of alternative designs and the pricing for your design are also discussed. Once you and your design expert have agreed on a design, you will have the opportunity to pick a stain or paint color and choose a style for doors and drawer fronts. Make sure to consider the following tips when deciding on a functional walk-in closet.

  • Maximize the hanging space that you have available by including double hang areas.
  • Think about your routine, and design your closet around function. The items you use the most should be the most accessible.
  • Leave a minimum of 12 inches between the top shelf and ceiling for storage space.
  • Deep drawers can be difficult to find items in.
If you'd like more information about custom closet design in Atlanta, please contact us at Artisan Custom Closets by calling 877-566-7773.


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