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Stars Have Custom Closets –You Can Too!


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Stars Have Custom Closets -You Can Too!

You may not need an entire wall dedicated to your boots like Reba McIntyre. Or a closet with a spiral staircase like Carrie Underwood. You probably don't need a space to display your movie character clothing like Reese Witherspoon did on Netflix's 'Get Organized with the Home Edit'. But you do need an organized closet. And everyone deserves the joy that comes from seeing everything in its place in a smart, beautiful yet functional setting. With Artisan Custom Closets, you can have just that. Of course, we can all take a few closet tips from the stars.

Put Your Star Outfits on Display

You may not have signature pink outfits from Legally Blonde like Reese Witherspoon or a famous Versace dress to showcase on a mannequin like J-Lo, but there are outfits you might want to put front and center. They make you feel good and make your closet a happier place. They're you. So, consider giving them a more prominent position. Chances are, there are also other outfits that you wear a lot. They just work. They're your go-to's. So, why have to rummage through all the outfits you wear once a year to get to them? Consider an in-between space for displaying one or two outfits per season so that when you're in a crunch you can just reach and go.

Organize Items in Categories

Even celebrities have to organize themselves. Granted, they might divide their wardrobe items by world-famous designer, concert, movie or award show, but they still do it. So, we recommend organizing things by whatever makes it easiest for you to find things. Whether you dress for the weather, a certain color, style or pattern, your mornings will be easier if like things are put together.

Spotlight on Accessories

If there's one thing celebrities love to show off, it's accessories. From purses to shoes to belts and beyond, the stars are known for their designer bling. In Alex Apatoff's Inside 50 + Celebrity Closets That'll Blow Your Mind for People.com, we find out that Cardi B. has a floor to ceiling ladder to reach her 23 Hermès bags, Mandy Moore hangs her favorite purses on special hooks, Oprah has a case just for glasses and Rachel Zoe's shoe racks are color coordinated.

So, what can you do? We recommend a combination of visibility and accessibility. Hooks and slide out racks are a good solution for showcasing your star purses and belts. Think about installing shoe racks for the pairs you wear on a day to day basis with the option to display a favorite pair or two on a special shelf. For scarves, a sliding rack keeps them out of the way until you need them. And then you can see them all at once.

For your bracelets, earrings, necklaces and such, consider either a separate jewelry cabinet to house it all, or drawers with acrylic or felt dividers for easy organization.

Divide and Conquer

People in the public eye tend to divide the items within their closets, giving each its own space and place of importance. That's because stars have a lot of signature items that represent their unique style. Believe it or not, you do to. People notice what you wear, whether you're famous or not. And certain items represent you better than others. So, just as Nashville-based singer Jessie James Decker uses clear shelf dividers to separate her clutch collection, you should consider a closet solution that lets you keep important items in their own little areas.

Create a Zen-Like Space

Stars often see their closet spaces as a place to escape, a quiet, private oasis where they can rejuvenate between public appearances. And it's easy to create that kind of space when you have a huge closet like Jennifer Aniston. But what about the rest of us?

The fact is, you don't need a ton of space to enjoy a sense of calm and order. A well-organized closet will give you the feeling of more space and usually more actual space, even with the same number of items stored. You can also add to the feeling with the choices you make. By highlighting only certain items and keeping the rest out of sight in a drawer, case (or pull-out hamper for dirty clothes), you'll replace clutter with structure, overwhelming options with easy access.

You can also create a mood with your color and texture choices. Light colors make smaller spaces feel bigger, while wood grains can add a more natural touch.

Create your dream closet.

So, what is your dream master closet vision? An elegant and opulent space like Carrie Underwood's closet with its multiple chandeliers and sitting areas? Or a more efficient expression, highlighting specific outfits, like Reese? Whatever your vision, the designers at Artisan Custom Closets are passionate about helping you bring it to life.

Meet your own personal designer.

Just like the stars, we'll send a Closet Designer to your home. A real expert, who will talk with you and get you inspired about all the amazing possibilities. You'll chat about your space challenges and goals and discuss your ideas about style and functionality. And then she'll create a solution that not only makes your everyday life more efficient but creates that oasis of beauty and calm you've always wanted.

Your vision come to life- in 3D.

Your closet designer will present your solution in an easy-to-read, customized CAD drawing. You'll know exactly what is included and be able to finalize the details right down to the door and drawer face style, decorative hardware and finish color for rods and accessories.

Your big reveal moment.

Like celebrities and reality tv guests, you'll have that 'Wow' moment when you finally see it all put together. Our closet designers love to be there to see our customers faces when they step into their new closet space. Because it's always even better than you imagined.

Let's do this.

So, whether you want to show off your amazing shoe collection, create a boutique store-like atmosphere or just put everything out of sight, you too can have a custom closet worthy of a celebrity.

Why not request a free, in-home consultation with Artisan Custom Closets today?


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