Steps to Keeping Your Desk Clean

Steps to Keeping Your Desk Clean


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Maintaining an organized home office in your Atlanta home means keeping the clutter on your desk at bay. It can be difficult to find the time to organize your desk if you have a bit of a hectic schedule. In an effort to help you get on track with your home office organization, we have rounded up some tips for keeping your desk clean. Have a look:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items: Take a look at the current items that are on your desk. In order to free up more space for things you need, start by getting rid of the items that do not belong there. Whether it be old documents or items from other rooms, remove these items to start the process.
  • Place important items in accessible spots: Spending time searching for a specific item can greatly reduce your level of efficiency in the home office. Make sure you are maximizing the time you spend working in your home office by placing important items in places that you can access quickly to cut down search time.
  • Don't forget the drawers: While the surface of your desk is an important space to organize, it is also important to remember the drawers as well. Clutter can build up in the drawers, which can reduce the amount of organization in the space. Be sure to clean these out to make room for the necessities.
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