The Benefits Of Open Storage

The Benefits Of Open Storage


You Could Win An Urban Oasis!

Open storage can offer more than just visual appeal to your organizational goals.
open storage space under the stairs of a house
image courtesy of heartfireathome
There are many people who prefer to keep the items they house under wraps, stored away from prying eyes. But there are also those who've become accustomed to open storage, a way to pack and organize your goods in plain view. At first blush, open storage seems ideal for those who are ultra-organized. Considering items such as clothes and kitchen staples are visible to everyone, they should be neat and tidy. After all, who wants to look at unkempt and messy things falling out of containers? There are benefits to open storage that are both visual and organizational however. The first, possibly most important benefit may be the adage out of sight, out of mind. Usually if you can't see something, you tend to forget it. Using open storage as an organizational system helps eliminate that idea. Not only will seeing an object help you remember it, it will cause you to make more diligent decisions about purchasing it. How often do you wear it? How quickly do you use it? Another benefit tied to this theory is preventing clutter. The more you see something, the more you know whether you'd like to keep it or not. Open storage can help you clear out unwanted items faster and more efficiently. Can you make the case for or against open storage?


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