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The best pantry solutions ...


A Passion for Design

The best pantry solution is really a mix of solutions.

Believe it or not, your pantry represents a set of complex organizational challenges. That's because it needs to house items of vastly different sizes, physical properties and functions. From the tiniest bottle of vanilla extract to the bulkiest cooking appliance to individual bags of tea, your pantry requires easy to access structures that both organize and protect each item from damage. It also needs to work with the way your family eats and cooks. Here are the kind of solutions that can make pantry visits a joy versus a hassle.

Adjustable Shelving

Unlike wire shelving, solid shelves can be customized to fit your specific needs, in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.


Having an extra surface in the pantry lets you store bulky appliances like blenders or set down grocery bags before you put items in their proper place.


Keep items of like size and purpose out of sight until you need them with easy glide drawers.

Vertical Slots

With vertical slots you can separate rather than stack baking pans, trays and platters for easy access without all that clanging and scraping.


Easily store smaller items or produce in baskets that can be removed for quick refilling or use.


Tired of table cloths being stuffed into a drawer or piled inside your china cabinet? A special rack will keep them flat and free from wrinkles.

Pocket Doors

Make your entire pantry more accessible with pocket doors that let you view every item easily.

Wine Rack

Why not put the wine where you need to access it most? A sturdy and handsome rack within the pantry saves time and effort.

Child-Proof Locks

Keep anything you don't want the kids getting into secure with child-proof locks.

To find the perfect range of solutions in the perfect sizes and finish for your pantry, just contact the custom closet experts at Artisan Custom Closets.


Advantages of a Custom Closet over DIY