The Rules for When to Toss Clothing in the Closet

The Rules for When to Toss Clothing in the Closet


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If you happen to have a habit of hoarding clothing and can't seem to find room for all of your apparel, here are a few rules to follow regarding what clothes you should clear out of your closets:

  • Get rid of clothes you cannot fit into any longer. Stop keeping those blue jeans from high school that you hope you'll fit back into someday or that pair of elastic waist khakis that are so comfortable. When it comes to clothing, use it or lose it so you can make room for more.
  • Toss clothes that are damaged and just waiting for you to break out a needle and thread. Are you really ever going to get around to mending it?
  • Clothes that are outdated should go unless you still wear them regularly and simply don't care what the fashion police have to say about your attire.

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