Three Successful Strategies for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Three Successful Strategies for Spring Cleaning Your Closet


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Artisan Closet Few things are more fulfilling than getting your artisan custom closets in Atlanta into tip-top shape. If you need inspiration, the following are three successful strategies for spring cleaning your closet.


Spring cleaning is the time to be ruthless when it comes to purging your closet. Throw out or donate to charity any items that you haven't worn for at least one year. Letting go of clothing can be difficult, but most people find it much easier if they know that the items will be going to those in need instead of to a landfill. Look for a fabric recycling operation in your area for clothes that have too much wear-and-tear to be acceptable for donations to local thrift stores.

Deep Clean

Once you're successfully rehomed or recycled all superfluous items of apparel, it's time to dig in and really deep clean that closet. After removing the contents of the closet, start from the top and work your way down -- that way, you won't risk sprinkling dust from the ceiling all over your freshly washed closet floor. Always remember to thoroughly clean the shelf above the hanging rod because this is the area that tends to accumulate unwanted times and dust. After the closet has been scrubbed clean from top to bottom, leave the door open and let it dry out thoroughly before replacing clothing, shoes, and other items.


Once your closet is spic-and-span from top to bottom, it's time to place the contents back in and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. Some people prefer to organize by color, others organize by season, and yet others organize by clothing type. Only you know what works best for you -- the important part is that you get your closet organized in a user-friendly fashion. If you're looking to build custom closets this spring, give us a call today to learn about what we can do for you!


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