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Tips For Using A Wall Organizing System For Your Garage


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The home garage has an unfortunate reputation for being messy. The main factor behind the chaos is the lack of an organizing system. When it comes to keeping all your tools, garden supplies, and other bobs in good order, one needs to consider the most suitable space in a garage—the wall.

Tips For Using A Wall Organizing System For Your Garage

The Slatwall Solution - What Is It?

You might recognize Slatwall from shop displays, especially stores that sell clothing and shoes. These panels have horizontal grooves that accommodate hooks. Due to this design feature, you can attach bins, shelves, and hanging rods. This flexibility allows you to adjust a Slatwall as your needs change.

Why Are Slatwall Panels for Garage Storage so Popular?

Apart from being highly customizable, you can also look forward to other perks. Slatwall for garage purposes offers excellent durability, a long lifespan, affordability, and user-friendliness. Not to mention that it makes your garage look organized and professional.

All of these benefits can be enjoyed by a homeowner who just needs to tidy up and organize their tools for the winter, or even a commercial garage where affordable and effective equipment storage is necessary.

What Is The Best Slatwall for Garage Storage?

There are different types of Slatwall. They all look the same and share the same purpose, but their core materials differ. You can usually choose between MDF, metal, vinyl, and PVC-based Slatwall.

MDF is not always a good choice as it's made of wood residuals that can mold or swell. For garage storage purposes, it's wiser to choose a metal Slatwall, or if you want something lighter and more affordable, a vinyl or PVC Slatwall.

Tips For Using Your New Wall Organizing System

  • Install Baskets and Shelving: Slatwall isn't just for hanging pins. You can install shelves and baskets too. These are particularly useful for items that cannot be hung, like paint cans and extensive power tools. Baskets are helpful for small nuts and bolts, spanners, and other odds and ends.
  • Use Color Coding: This tip is helpful for busy commercial garages or anyone who spends a lot of time in their home garage working on their car or hobbies. Color coding is often more effective than labeling because it allows you to quickly identify the tools or parts you need at a glance. For example, all the bins that contain tools for the family's bikes are green, and all the bins that contain tools for the car are yellow.
  • Use Smaller Bins: Smaller bins might have less storage space, but they can sometimes be a better choice than a larger container. The latter tend to gather junk and unnecessary items just because throwing them in there is convenient. But come the day when you need something, you must burrow through many items to find the right one! A small container allows you to find what you are looking for quickly, and since you know the space is limited, it also encourages you to add items that correspond with the purpose of the bin only.
  • Build a Gym Area: Many people store their gym equipment in the garage, quickly leading to clutter and frustration. But a Slatwall is an excellent solution to this problem. Its versatility allows you to store all the awkward shapes of gym equipment, including balls, which can be placed in a bag and hung on a hook. Add racks for things like baseball bats and aerobics equipment, and you can even add features for bike storage.
  • A Garage Mudroom: A garage Slatwall is a brilliant alternative to a mudroom in the lobby. The latter takes up space and makes the home's entrance look cluttered. But if your mudroom is in the garage, it's out of sight, and coats and boots are conveniently available when you bundle the family into the car. Add the right hooks for clothing and shelving for the shoes, and you're good to go.

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