Transform a Spare Room Into a Custom, Master Closet

Transform a Spare Room Into a Custom, Master Closet


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If you have a room in your home that has been sitting vacant for a while because you aren't sure what you want to do with it, or it's become a storage room instead of usable space, why not turn that empty room into a beautifully designed custom closet? With our closet storage systems in the Atlanta area, we can help you turn any space into a dream closet.

Some things you'll need to consider include updating the room's lighting, how much sun you want (too much can fade your wardrobe), and how you'll deal with tricky angles. A spare-room-turned-closet also has enough space to add islands for accessories, seating, and dressing areas. For converted rooms that will be the primary storage location for your wardrobe, you can also designate a portion of the room as a small dressing area, complete with a dressing table, mirrors, small shelves, and other additions that allow you to keep your clothing and dressing area all in one location. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can also turn a spare closet into a home office, using our custom, built-in closet systems. Our line of products are fully customizable to any room and also come in a a variety of finishes and trims to match your current decor. Contact us today at Artisan Custom Closets to get started on your Johns Creek home.


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