Transform Your Hobby Room Into a Gift Wrap Station

Transform Your Hobby Room Into a Gift Wrap Station


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Putting a gift wrapping station in your hobby room storage or custom closet is a wonderful idea. Everything can be easily at hand and accessible, or it can be stored away and out of sight until you need to use it.

The most important components of a utilitarian gift wrapping area are a good-sized hard surface to work on, and storage for wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tape, and scissors. A rolling cart that stores everything is perfect if you're challenged for space, as well as a gift wrap organizer that hangs in your bedroom closet.

Paper towel dispensers mounted on the wall are great for hanging ribbon rolls, tape, and other supplies. Consider installing a station in your master closet with an elegant rollaway tabletop and the right size drawers for your supplies so everything is hidden. It's also useful to have an electrical outlet nearby for glue guns, electric staplers, and other small power tools. For those long rolls of gift wrap, an attractive basket or bucket will keep them all visible.

At Artisan Custom Closets, we specialize in elegant ways to store things; we've got ideas that you've never considered. Contact us for more information on hobby room storage and modular gift wrapping area ideas.


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