Master Closet

T'was The Night Before


Reorganize to get more "everything" done!

T’was the night before the holiday


and all through the house,


not an item was misplaced,


not even by your spouse.


The clothing was nestled


on deep sturdy shelves,


the shoes were displayed,


as if by designer elves.


The shirts and pants hung,


by long and by short,


the garage put away,


by tool and by sport.


The in-laws slept


on a cozy Murphy bed,


while visions of your ergonomic home office


danced in their heads.


In the pantry


every can, jar and snack


was arranged right down to the


wine and spice rack.


The laundry room gleamed


like a tidy little nook,


organized by bin, rod,


hanger and hook.


But this holiday fable needn’t be


fiction at all.


If you simply give


Artisan Custom Closets a call.


“Happy Holidays to all, and to all a happy home!”


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