Ways to Use Built-in Bookshelves in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Ways to Use Built-in Bookshelves in Your Metro Atlanta Home


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Built-in bookshelves in metro Atlanta used to be a given. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most homes had them included when they were built.

Modern homeowners need built-in shelves for an assortment of uses, not the least of which are books.

Here at Artisan Custom Closets, we designed some great ways to incorporate shelves into your interior for organizing lots of items:

  • Home libraries are extremely important. Organize and properly store your family's books and reference materials so they're easily available. Taking care of your books and stressing their importance sets that example for your children.
  • Family heirlooms deserve to be displayed in prominent shelf space near hearths or in living rooms, along with small, framed family photographs. Photograph albums and scrapbooks need proper storage for archival protection.
  • Shelves and cabinets can organize hobby and craft materials in a room or closet. Crafting supplies can mound up very quickly; organize them and spend your time creating rather than searching. This will also help your children to work in an organized manner and put things in their places, especially their toys.

Artisan Custom Closets has a large array of solutions for built-in storage and books. Contact us or call 888-436-2019 for more information.


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